Posted by: brambledoula | August 6, 2007

“but they won’t let me”

Let me rant a moment. How many times have you heard “my doctor won’t let me go past x date so I guess we’ll have to induce/section.” Um, are you a grown thinking adult who is or is about to become a mother and thus deemed responsible enough to take care of another human being? Then why is it as pregnant women we suddenly need to ask permission to use our own vagina, only because the doctor doesn’t want to miss their Sunday golf game? It’s ridiculous to me. Now I can see if you’re truly ill and you decided together that such and such way to handle your pregnancy is the right way to go. But when they set your date without even asking you, or say we’ll have to induce despite the fact that these set induction dates are getting earlier and earlier and more and more sick preemies are being born, whether you want it or not, and then say “Well I’d like to do it another way but they won’t let me.” What the hell. You are an adult, you are (presumably) intelligent. You do not need permission to use your own vagina. You have hired these people to provide you a service. If your accountant decided not to “let” you spend your money you would probably fire them. If it is not for a true health reason, and you don’t want to, don’t do it. Simple as that.



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