Posted by: brambledoula | July 8, 2008

Detox Day 8 and other ramblings

To date- 11lbs lost!

Went t a fun raw food potluck this morning. I made chocolate raw pudding. It consists of two avocados, about 2 dozen dates, some raw honey, and a ton of dark chocolate cocoa powder mixed with my stick blender. It was OMG good. And even better, how good it felt to tell the kids to go ahead and eat up! Fantastic!!

In other news, baby man is teething hard core. Fever. Gnawing on everything (including me), totally not sleeping. I have one of those amber teething necklaces on order, have one of those mesh feeders that i’ve been filling with ice for him to gnaw on. He’s also not sleeping which stinks since he was my good sleeper! Hopefully those teeth will pop through already (i can feel the bump on his gums, they’re so close) so things can get back to normal!

And in sillier news, thanks to the Rock Band game for PS2 I’m honing my drumming skills. Watch out world, I’ve got rhythm!


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