Posted by: brambledoula | July 4, 2008

Detox Day 5: Interesting turn of events

Aside from the wonderful side effect of losing 8lbs, not feeling bloated and my arm fat no longer folding over on itself, a long term condition of mine is suddenly resolving itself. I have acanthosis nigricans.  It tends to get worse during pregnancy for me, but after the last two it’s stuck around and continued to get worse. It’s usually a sign of potential diabetes but is also related to obesity and can be hereditary. It’s a darkening of the skin in places that rub or fold. For me, generally the upper thighs, neck, under breast, and armpit areas. The stuff on my neck and under my breasts simply is disappearing, and the stuff under the armpits peeling off to reveal fresh new skin. Amazing. Detox = good. I really am feeling better already in just a few short days tho I admit I’m getting sick of pooping 7 times a day, so far I don’t feel deprived, I love not having to count anything, and I was even able to eat out last night and not blow my diet. I may actually be able to stick with this after years of not being able to commit to a plan for getting bored with the food, tired of counting/portioning/being hungry/, or feeling deprived of a favorite. This plan lets me eat till I’m full, it’s all real food, I can still eat favorites out (I had cedar plank salmon and steamed vegetables last night mmm), and I can have dark chocolate (my ultimate favorite treat) with any meal. Loving it.



  1. That is totally awesome! Woohoo! You’ve almost got me convinced to try it.

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