Posted by: brambledoula | June 30, 2008

Detox Time!

In fact it’s well past time. Finding myself about 110lbs overweight and gaining, it’s time to do SOMETHING. I’ve had the most success with diets that are low in refined sugars, and help combine the right foods together. This go around I’m trying the raw food detox diet. The main reason being it looks really flexible, it allows for dining out, the recipes so far are actually good, and you can eat as much as you want until you’re full. My initial fear was that all these veggies would be very expensive. Not so much! In fact it was about $30 more than I’d normally spend (I spend abour $75-100 a week on groceries, and that includes my household goods like toilet paper and tooth paste and shampoo and the like), and I think once I get used to it, I can shave off that extra money. Since I didn’t go grocery shopping until tonight, we started this evening with whole grain lasagna and guacamole salad. I wound up making more of an avocado dressing because at $1.50 a pop I’m not buying the roughly 30 avocados necessary to provide avocados twice a day all week for 4 people on top of extra for making guac. But so far otherwise, it’s looking good.



  1. I think I’m gaining too. But I’m not doing a raw food detox diet. Too hard core for me! You go girl!

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