Posted by: brambledoula | June 17, 2008

And now for something completely different…

This may seem odd but I’m totally ok with this. I came across an article about pharmacists who are refusing to give out contraceptives because they’re pro life. you know what, if the want to open their own business and run it a certain way, that’s ok. just as other pharmacists who are pro choice, or at the very least pro contraceptive options, should be able to open a business carrying those products.

True freedom means giving up the right to be offended. Now I would think it would suck if all pharmacists stopped carrying the pill (which personally I think is kinda a crappy drug anyhow but for health reasons not pro life/choice reasons) because a lot of women rely on it, who may otherwise consider an abortion if they didnt have reliable contraception.

anyhow here’s the article


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