Posted by: brambledoula | June 11, 2008

So announcing…

We are relocating to New Hampshire next month! Hubby and I both got jobs there in our preferred lines of work and found a lovely little house with a creek in the back yard and are starting to get excited! A friend of mine this morning said it feels like the end of an era and it certainly is for me at least. Every friend for the most part that I’ve made as an adult lives here and the thought of starting over with networking, friendships, and even just knowing my way around, is a little daunting. But also exciting. We’ll be able to walk pretty much everywhere except for work, and there is a great unschooling network up there. So far I’ve met some great people in the birth community already and will be working at a beautiful homey birth center. There’s hiking galore, and while I detest snow, it’s not hot.

I haven’t decided yet but I may revamp and start a new blog, with linkage to this one for referencing. Would that be good or bad?



  1. As this blog is tied so tightly with your childbearing phase I think it is highly appropriate to begin a new one as you enter this new phase of career and child raising.
    I’m going to miss the heck out of you.

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  3. Going to miss you too! will definitely stay in touch tho, whole town is wired for teh interwebs and I gotz a laptop.
    I think I agree with the starting anew, I think I’ll keep this one active up until the move and then start a new one. šŸ™‚
    (I have about 3 dozen half finished journals for the same reason, just doesnt feel right to keep writing in one that started on a different cycle of life…)

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