Posted by: brambledoula | June 7, 2008

Pen of Death

The last time I felt moved to write to an author I was roughly 7 or 8 and being homeschooled because my teachers were on strike. The author was Ezra Jack Keats and I loved the collage style of the art in the book. I made my own collage story using construction paper, wrote a letter and mailed it off. I got a response from the authors good friend Martin Pope along with a photo of Mr. Keats and his cat, stating that he had passed away a couple years before and would have liked my book. I sent back a picture of me with my cat along with my letter expressing my sorrow that there would be no more books. We wrote back and forth for a while and eventually faded off as most penpals tend to do.

Skip forward 20 years.

I’m reading a book for our homeschool group’s moms book club and really enjoying it and see on the cover a website where I can write the author. So I hop online excited hoping to ask some questions and express my joy with the story when I find- the author died a year ago from cancer.

I’m not allowed to write to authors anymore.



  1. That is way cool that you wrote back and forth adn exchanged cat pictures with Ezra Jack Keat’s friend! I’m sorry neither of your well loved authors survived to hear from you. That must suck. 😦

  2. It does! Not only sadness for their families or for themselves but because there will be no more books from them! a resource is lost. Its like say there were one last remaining pineapple farm on earth and someone burnt it down so there’d be no more pineapples. could you live without it? sure, but upside down cake would never be quite the same again…

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