Posted by: brambledoula | June 7, 2008

Hey-la! Hey-la! My boys are back!

The boys are home and no worse for the wear. They’re a little antsy for their long car ride but they’re back to entertaining baby man which gives me a little time to blog once again. They came home with the requisite box of plastic crap, and about $30 richer between the two of them. Today we’re hoping to hit the waterpark and maybe feed some ducks (turns out I have no need to bake bread in bulk without Hungry and Bottomless-Pit to feed…).

In other news, baby man took his first tumble today. Turns out he can crawl, who’d have thunk it. (He’s fine, he landed in a pile of laundry. Who says it doesn’t pay to be a slob?)

Trying my hand at painting again for a memorial someone requested on one of my groups. I came up with a couple designs and had forgotten how much I love art. Gives me something slightly more productive to do when hubby’s on nights and the boys are in bed. (What playing the online pirate game isn’t productive?)



  1. Yay! So glad the guys are back!

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