Posted by: brambledoula | May 26, 2008

Whirlin’ Waters ruined my Memorial Day.

We decided (along with what appeared to be at least a couple hundred other people…) to go to the water park today. My husband oddly had the day off and we thought hey, what a fun thing to do. We get there and it’s pretty mobbed but manage to find a spot for our stuff and get into the water. About 10 minutes later a life guard comes over and quite rudely tells me the park is closing get out of the pool if I have any questions ask for a manager. Confused, I get out, find the rest of my family and let them know we need to go. My four year old screams bloody murder and we have to wrestle him out.  As I’m sitting there thinking to myself: Biohazzard? Gas Spill? Lightning I didn’t see? Busted Water main? I hear the couple next to me complaining as well and ask them if they heard what happened. Apparently a few people had jumped the fence instead of paying and started a couple fights with some teens in the park.

Me: WTF?????

Silly me for thinking there was a good reason for punishing several hundred people who shelled out an obscene amount of money.  Honestly if they didn’t have appropriate security on hand, they shouldn’t have opened the park at all that day. The were offering refunds to people who came back with receipts but what good does that do for those of us who bought a park pass? Where is our retribution?

And then the icing on the cake, in the mass of traffic on the way out of the park, the police were only letting people make a left hand turn and had the road completely blocked off. Um….we live to the right? So in this day and age of $4 a gallon gas we had to drive down to Ashley Phosphate get on the high way and turn around. Oh, and take the kids to ice cream so they don’t feel like they did something wrong because even the baby was crying that he had to get out of the sprinklers.

I am MAD.



  1. OH MY GOSH! I am SOOOOOOOO glad I didn’t go afterall. I’m sorry you had to go through that. Man, that really stinks!

  2. Good news is you’ll be able to go back. I hope you kept your receipt.

  3. We’ve got season passes so we can go back anyhow which is why I’m extra ticked. According to the article no one was arrested. I’m also extra ticked on that account. Yep it would be a nice safe place to play- if they’d arrest the bad guys!!

  4. I’d write them a letter requesting refund of the extra gas expenditure due to their re-routing of the fiasco. I’m OCD enough that I’d document the difference in mileage, the vehicles mpg and the cost that equates from that. *snicker* You probably won’t SEE anything resulting from it, but it will at least prove to be an annoyance for them. Though not nearly as great as the annoyance you received at their hands.

  5. i just stumbled upon this on google. i’m a lifeguard there and we closed the park for the guests safety. there were sixty people involved in the fights and more that a “few” people were jumping the fences and the other lifeguards and employees were getting ignored and yelled at. the police officers were getting told that people had guns and brass knuckles. that resulted in the car searching and is why you were rerouted. there were five people arrested – i’m aware that the public is not informed. but there were, in fact, five people arrested. i apologize for the lifeguard that may have rudely talked with you. although it is no excuse, that was a really bad day for us; the first time anything like that has ever happened there. many of the lifeguards felt intimidated and scared with as many threats as we were getting.
    i’m sorry for any inconviences.

  6. Thank you for the extra information, that does help to know that there were arrests. I’m sorry it was a bad day for you guys too, I think everyone was hurt and upset all around.

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