Posted by: brambledoula | May 4, 2008

The Water Parks are Open!

We took the boys yesterday. It was nice, not too crowded and the weather was perfect. The older boys of course ran in head first willy nilly and enjoyed themselves thoroughly. Baby man on the other hand simply looked very very confused. He, as usual, was happy when held so that he could stand up like the big kids in the water and also enjoyed a float down the lazy river. Towards the end of our two hour stay he decided he needed a nurse and a nap and promptly passed out cold. Hubby seemed to enjoy himself and I even got brave enough to go down one of the big slides (i have this anxiety thing about heights and stairs you can see through…). I’m glad we got the passes because while it was fun I’d have been mad to have spent $20 a person there. I like having the freedom to go for and hour and not feel compelled to stay all day and fry.

On a completely unrelated note:

You know how gold fish will grow to the size of their environment? I wonder if babies sometimes grow to the ruggedness of their environment? Babyman seems so much bigger and hardier than most other 4 month olds I’ve seen and I just have to wonder if he’s in a rush to catch up to his brothers so they don’t relentlessly beat him to pulp?



  1. Yup, 3rd babies do seem to grow quicker….but do you really think the big guys would beat him to a pulp? Geez! LOL!

  2. hey you’ve seen them at work lol

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