Posted by: brambledoula | April 27, 2008

Additional recipes for the $70 menu

I have found, that with the addition of a couple cans of cream of whatever soup, you can stretch the $70 menu to two weeks. I’ve been cutting most of the recipes in half and winding up with loads of extra ingredients at the end of the week. So we dont get bored I’ve been trying to figure out- what else can I do with this crap? I’ve made enchiladas, tuna casserole, hamburger pie (i had a premade crust in the freezer but you can make pie crust easy with the ingredients), and a bunch of other goodies. I wanted to share my enchilada recipe since it came out so good.

Make flour tortillas.

Heat half lb hamburger, season with a little chili powder and salt.

Take whatever beans you have prepared and refry them. I take the plain cooked beans and use a little bacon fat, garlic salt, chili powder, and a dash of hot sauce, mash them all together and heat till bubbly. if the beans get dry add more fat. to make this leaner use a non stick pan and either olive oil or no fat.

sauce- i took a can of tomato sauce, some cream (could use milk), some butter (could use margarine), and a packet of cheese powder from the kraft mac and cheese (save noodles for tuna casserole), and mixed them together over low heat stirring with a wisk till smooth. roll the tortillas with beans and meat, put ina  casserole dish.  cover in sauce. cover dish and heat at 350 for 20 minutes or until bubbly.

mmmm yummy.


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