Posted by: brambledoula | April 10, 2008

dude Wal-mart is nasty

Yeah Yeah I need to stop shopping there, I just can’t justify the cost of gas at the moment to hit the local yarn store. (anyone wanna carpool?) That said I was shopping at sprawlmart and had a coupon for this makeup I wanted to try that my grocery store doesn’t carry and thought to myself I bet they have it here. Well they carry the brand but they were out of the color I wanted so I picked up the next shade over to see if it would work and the bottle was all gross with a big finger print on it and leaking where someone had obviously tested it out and put it back on the shelf. I put it in my cart to give the cashier to put in their damages. Well a week later I had to go back for something else (was looking for a doorway jumper to replace the one my 4 year old cut the straps on. they didnt have one.) and thought I’d check to see if my color was in stock yet. Well no it wasn’t so again I looked at the next shade over- to find that same exact nasty bottle put back on the shelf!!! OMG. That is so gross and so irresponsible. I picked it up again and this time dropped it at customer service. Who wants to bet it winds up back on the shelf?? Ew.

edit- I keep going back to see if its there (besides i need yarn for my up coming etsy adventure) and it’s STILL THERE. At least no ones been dumb enough to buy it yet. I didn’t bother to turn it in last time, I don’t want to become “that lady with the foundation”.


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