Posted by: brambledoula | April 5, 2008

Mm soup

I may make this my next culinary test- soup month! I came across this list and with the exception of the miso and the shark fin (still not too sure on boy’s ability to handle soy, and I’ve had shark fin, it’s nasty), I think it’d be fun to sample each of these.

Logistical concerns:

Finding a recipe for each one

Potential cost (soup is usually cheap but a couple of these have some fancy looking ingredients)

What to do with the leftovers (freeze for a rainy day? soup tends to leave a LOT of leftovers around here)

Not that this is necessarily a culinary blog (tho it certainly seems to be becoming a “my grocery experiments” blog) but of course if I try this I’ll be forced to photograph and blog the experience.



  1. Uhh… are you gonna skip the “torpedo” soup? Did you read the ingredients???

    My husband LOVES menudo and cooks it up whenever he has the chance. Our kids love it too.

    This is our favorite soup:

    Cheap, easy, good!

  2. Er… yeah I think we’ll skip that one too lol and probably, sadly, the boulliabase, I love it but hubby won’t eat fish. Thanks for sharing the recipe tho, I LOVE potato soup.

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