Posted by: brambledoula | April 5, 2008

I hate gnats.

They are out in full force! I seem to have some strange reaction to them far worse than your average mosquito. Here’s how it starts: I spend a day outside unknowingly getting ravaged by gnats. They’re annoying, I brush them away when I notice them, but otherwise no bother. But then….The next morning I wake up and generally my feet (I live to go barefoot) and hands and wrists and ankles are insanely itchy. Day three they graduate to horrible swollen welts of itchiness and pain, and by day four I finally break down and scratch them into scabby oblivion. (Day 5 and 6 little boogers STILL frickin’ itch…) I’ve tried homeopathic anti itch creme, herbal anti itch creme, cortisone creme, benadryl creme, solarcaine (and other “caine” cremes), to no avail.

I will say one thing, if I were stranded on an island to live the ultimate go natural crunchy living hippie lifestyle I would freaking import deep woods off with extra DEET. Gnats suck.


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