Posted by: brambledoula | April 2, 2008

Great article

I’ve long been frustrated by the fact that if something is labeled “healthy” it’s probably swapped one bad ingredient for another. Sugar free yogurt is usually loaded with artificial sweeteners, low fat foods usually have more sodium or sugar, and the three ingredients are usually interchanged with each other. I came across this article that breaks it down for you.


” It’s a shame that perfectly good nutritional advice (whole grains are good, but not when they’re in cookies) has been co-opted by the major food companies. I’d rather eat a big juicy steak than some of the “health” food that’s out there. A good rule to remember while walking the supermarket aisles is that if it’s marketed by a major food company to make it look like health food, chances are it isn’t. The ingredient list shouldn’t take a dictionary to read, and those things without ingredients lists—fruit, vegetables, grains, nuts—will almost always be a true good-for-you food. Sugar, fake fat, and preservatives are fine every once in awhile, but I’d rather not have them masked in my meals.”

“Restaurant Salads.
A similar situation exists for restaurant and fast food chain salads. These really are something good turned terribly bad, and you don’t even get the satisfaction of a burger. Take for instance Chilis’ Southwestern Cobb Salad with Honey Lime Dressing. It has 1240 Calories, 82 grams of fat (19 saturated), 73grams of carbs, and 2930 milligrams sodium. Wow.

  • Better Bet.
    (This is scary): Chili’s Honey BBQ ribs, they have less calories (1060) and less fat (65 grams).”

I know I’d rather eat the ribs.



  1. Darn!! And I love those restaurant salads!

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