Posted by: brambledoula | April 1, 2008


I consider myself somewhat of a lay reflexologist. Mostly because I have no idea how one becomes a “real” reflexologist, I did the same thing I usually do when I become obsessed with interested in a subject and researched the heck out of it. I’ve got a nice stack of books, charts, even some socks with the foot chart printed right on them. (I find they get in the way however.) It’s something I mainly practice on my family, as well as sometimes during labor for my clients (at no extra charge since I’m not a “real” reflexologist, and only during labor since there’s some trigger points that could bring labor on early).  I admit I haven’t bothered to learn the hand or ear charts at this time because the feet alone seem to work so well. This is the point I wanted to get to- I truly believe it works. For some strange reason when ever I practice this on someone, they usually have a huge urge for a bowel movement immediately afterwards. I feel like the body needs to flush it’s toxins after the trigger points have been cleared. I just find it really amusing that everyone from my husband to the newborn has a nice poo though lol

Even if one doesn’t believe in it, I’ve still been told I give the best darn foot rubs ever. I suppose that counts for something.



  1. Is there somewhere you can rub on a foot to make it not hurt anymore?

    I swear I’m barely thirty but my feet are like, 80. Sometimes they hurt before I ever even get out of bed.

  2. I imagine it depends on why it hurts? Do you wear shoes during the day if you’re on your feet a lot?

  3. I cannot go barefoot ever. I think it’s because I have high arches. I have 3 inserts for my shoes – a basic insole pad (heavy duty), and two arch supports that I layer.

    I keep my shoes by my bed – last things off and first things on!

    I think I just have bad feet!

  4. I don’t think reflexology would hurt, but really good shoes are probably your best bet. I have high arches too, I usually have the best luck with Reeboks when it comes to arch support. However, I HATE to have anything on my feet so 99% of the time I’m either barefoot, in sandals, or flip flops lol

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