Posted by: brambledoula | April 1, 2008

EC and Infant Massage

So I finally got around to getting a book on infant massage. Three kids and a doula business you would think I’d have learned it already. Well not only did the massage go over swimmingly with little man, it provided a unique opportunity for EC since its naked time. He was quite sure about halfway through to fuss a bit so I held him on the potty and he near filled that bad boy up! I know I don’t enjoy a massage when I have to pee so I don’t expect he would either. Going to have to stock up on massage oil because now the other 3 boys want massages too!

(When do I get *MY* massage?)



  1. How nice of you! And hooray for Little Man going potty! I may have to borrow that book too. I’m looking for cranio sachral massage to do on Tyler.

  2. It’s purely infant massage but you’re still welcome to borrow it, I got it from the homeschool library.
    Try my chiro for the cranio stuff, Dr. Jimmy Smith 971-8234.

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