Posted by: brambledoula | April 1, 2008

$70 Grocery Recap

Well all in all it didn’t turn out that bad. We actually wound up with so much food that there was a lot of leftovers and a lot extra at the end of the week. I didn’t wind up making about 1/3 of the meals because there were so many leftovers to reheat.  I bought just what I needed to restock for the same menu this week, plus a couple extras such as cereal for the hubby. I also switched the salmon patties to tuna noodle casserole because hubby doesn’t like fish, and I tried to make them crab instead and they wouldn’t hold their shape.  I spent $71.42 this week and that’s for everything, including the extras and toilet paper. Not bad. Only thing I didn’t get was a box of mac and cheese because the one I grabbed was open. I can spare the $0.50 to run by Publix I’m sure.


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