Posted by: brambledoula | March 28, 2008

Ah the miracle of life

My oldest son had asked me once when I was still pregnant what the baby eats. I told him all about the umbilical cord and how he gets his nutrition through that. And he asked me if he used his mouth for anything and I told him about amniotic fluid and how he swallows it to practice for eating on the outside. Then he asked me if he goes pee, and I said yes, into the fluid. When it clicked for him that the baby was drinking his pee he was a little grossed out, but never mentioned it again. Until today. Baby man was happily chugging away this morning when big brother came up and said, “Getting some boob huh? Bet that’s a lot better than drinking your own pee!!”



  1. That was great, I really am laughing out loud. Thanks for sharing. đŸ™‚

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