Posted by: brambledoula | March 24, 2008

Where the heck does she shop?

So I tried to do Hillbilly Housewife’s $70 menu. I tried as hard as possible to match her prices buying generic and store brands. I went to Walmart, which in theory should be the cheapest around (I know it’s not always). I didn’t buy about 10 things on the list that I already had, and one item I couldn’t find. I spent $89 (not including the $10 or so I spend on household items such as toilet paper, the $89 is JUST what’s on her list). Some items I was able to find equal or less (mostly the canned items) but some like the milk and hamburger were nearly double! (Damn ethanol.) Now mind you, I average about $175, with $120 being a normal low budget shop for me, and $250 being a pantry restock so she still saved me at least $30 or so. But you’re definitely not getting out of there, at Walmart, in Charleston, for $70.

I would love to know, is the list outdated, or does she have some miracle store I don’t know about?

edit: I will post throughout the week on whether or not the work of making all this stuff from scratch is worth the $30-$50.



  1. I first saw the list two years ago, but I’m not sure how old it is.

    I’ve found I do better on many things shopping Publix with BOGOs and coupons, though. Also Save-A-Lot (canned veggies for 3/$1, cheap produce, etc.) is often cheaper than WalMart down here.

  2. Where is Save-A-Lot?
    I like Publix too. Main reason I went to sprawlmart was I had to go to Target too and it was across the street lol

  3. There’s one in Goose Creek, otherwise I don’t know!

  4. […] is trying out the Hillbilly Housewife budget plan and is looking for the cheapest groceries she can find: But you’re definitely not getting out of there, at Walmart, in Charleston, for […]

  5. Judging from the 2007 copyright year on that page, I’d guess that it’s at least a year old, probably more, so I’d say the list is out of date.

    I like Publix too. Cheaper than Teeter and produce quality is way better than walmart. Plus the one on James Island has killer fried chicken.

  6. I always shop at Bi-Lo. They have great sales, and their meat (on sale) is always cheaper and better than the meat at Wal-Mart. Check the sales flyers that come in the mail every week too.

  7. OK, I had nothing better to do. There is one in Goose Creek and one in Mount Pleasant. Bring your own bags (or you can buy plastic bags there for a few cents) or use their leftover boxes. It’s a rock bottom grocery store!

    Goose Creek Save-A-Lot
    205 N. Goose Creek Blvd.
    Goose Creek, SC 29445

    Sam Rittenberg Blvd. Save-A-Lot
    1604 Sam Rittenberg Blvd.
    Charleston, SC 29407-4902
    (843) 766-8074

  8. wow thanks! I will definitely check it out when I’m on a longer grocery shop (i also had 25 minutes to do this shop lol).
    Our publix also has good chicken, must be a publix thing lol

  9. (btw- i think everyone probably has better meat than walmart lol)

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