Posted by: brambledoula | March 24, 2008

The Grand High Boobie

Inspired by Shape of a Mother and my own not so high boobies (and part of me would love Hathor to illustrate this, if she felt so moved :))

Once upon a time there were two Boobies living side by side since they were young and small. One day the Boobies began to grow. They noticed a curious thing occurring- one Boobie was larger than the other. The Boobies didn’t care much about this until the time came that a Wanna-Be Boobie-Handler noticed the discrepancy and chose to revere the larger Boobie. At that time, Rightie, the larger Boobie declared herself The Grand High Boobie and made a right big deal about the whole thing. Leftie, the smaller, was a bit sad and drooped with her shame. As time went on the Boobies were squished into various lifting devices and stuffed with various padding to elevate both Boobies to the same status but alas The Grand High Boobie would not hear of it and grew to such proportions that Leftie could never hope to peek demurely above a demi-cup. An Official Boobie Handler was appointed, who loved both Boobies equally, which boosted Leftie’s esteem until suddenly the Boobies noticed yet another change. They were sore. And both of them growing (yet still Grand High Boobie reigned over all). After several months, they were both full of milk, and being accosted by a Nu-Nu Gulper. Alas, with much frustration, the Nu-Nu Gulper preferred The Grand High Boobie! Leftie swelled painfully and grew red with frustration. More Nu-Nu Gulpers came along and suddenly, Leftie found her place in the world. Because she was filled with less milk, the Nu-Nu Gulpers began to prefer her for comfort, as a pacifier, and to soothe themselves to sleep on. This made Leftie happy, and she realized that she was just as important as The Grand High Boobie, who wasn’t so high anymore anyway.

The moral of the story- All Boobies may not be created equal but should be equally loved and important 🙂



  1. Heheheha! Cute!

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