Posted by: brambledoula | March 24, 2008

I need crochet help!!

What is the best way to adjust gauge with crochet? I know how to do it with knitting but I’m far newer at crochet. I spent all day yesterday working on a hat that I’ve been dying to make only to have it come out WAY too small. (It’s cute, I may auction it off or give it to a friend with a daughter.) Tips?



  1. You can try using a larger hook, but be aware that your stitches will also increase in size. Depending on what you are making this may or may not be ok. If you like your stitch size as it is, you may want to try making the larger size hat in your pattern and it should come out at approximately the size you want with tighter stitches. This is what I’m currently doing with a shirt I’m making. Good luck!

  2. Thanks. the pattern only came with one size so I will try the larger hook!

  3. I adjust gauge in crochet by changing the hook size, or using a bigger yarn and hook. So, if your hat turned out too small, use a bigger hook. I think that’s what you do in knitting, too, isn’t it?

  4. That’s what I usually do in knitting, sometimes I just add stitches. I’m better at figuring out how to increase a knitting pattern than the crochet mostly because I’ve just done more of them. This pattern starts as a spiral, looks like if I do one more row of increases it will add 12 stitches to the circle, maybe I can just get out a ruler (like knitting) and figure out what 12 stitches is and measure my massive noggin and go from there? LOL

  5. (FWIW the last hat I knitted was also too small. my head is huge I swear…)

  6. You could also try adding another round/row of increases. If the pattern is not disrupted by adding a few more stitches there wouldn’t be much of a problem.
    Just using a larger hook size is what I would do first though.

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