Posted by: brambledoula | March 20, 2008

A quandary

So I went to the gym today to try and work off some of this reluctant baby weight (Yes I know I’m only 3 months post partum, the reluctant part is left over since boy #1), and left the boys in the gym daycare. I pumped a bottle for baby man but as I’d fed him before I left he didn’t need it. So, do I keep wasting a bottle every week, just in case, or do I just go without and risk interrupting my class to go feed him on the one day I don’t bring one likely being the one day he’ll need it? I’ve never routinely left my kids anywhere this little so I’m semi clueless as to how the whole how many bottles a newborn needs thing works. I hate to say but I completely don’t pay attention to how often or when he eats so long as he seems to be getting enough. Maybe I should just take note for a day and see? But then what do you count, the actual feedings, comfort nursing, the slight 2 minute nip for a snack? So much to ponder…

edit: The question isn’t so much what to do with the milk as to whether I should bother bringing any at all? It’s a 1 hour class and I’m in the building.



  1. If he doesn’t drink it, freeze it. It is good for at least a month in the freezer. As long as it wasn’t out of the fridge for more than a few hours….

  2. Good call but the defrosted from frozen would have to be dumped still, which is mostly what I’m pulling from. He’s been going through a couple growth spurts and not leaving me a lot extra to pump (well, save the night I had a Guiness lol)

  3. Freeze it. Babies are notorious for having sudden growth spurts and being viciously hungry! Plus, you never know when soemthing could happen and you won’t be able to get to the baby man when he needs to eat.

    Be a Boy Scout BF Mama – be prepared!

    I like those Gerber resealable bags for freezing breastmilk, BTW, cuz they lay flat and take up less room.

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