Posted by: brambledoula | February 29, 2008

Up for a swim?

Cuz I got a Pair o’ Docks (paradox get it haha? Ok nevermind…)

I would like to address last nights episode of Lost (a series which, I might add, is driving me insane). I hate when tv tries to tackle time travel.  I’m stuck on the mouse. See, he aimed the little beam thing on her, waited for her consciousness to get back from the future and then the mouse was able to run the maze that he was going to teach her in an hour. Except in an hour she was dead from the procedure. So, how does that affect the past, or the current for that matter, since she was never taught how to run the maze? Or take Desmond’s character and what’s happening to him- he had been going through life getting visions of the future, suddenly he’s flipped and his consciousness thinks it’s in the past and doesn’t remember the future his body is in.  It’s all a big mess. And frustrating because they still haven’t given us any answers!!! Grrr…. It has tied in a couple things however, like possibly how Desmond got in the hatch (Human lab rat?)and what the Darma Initiative was doing there in the first place. (Presumably testing their time travel theories on larger than mice animals such as polar bears.)  We still don’t know who the people are that Ben works for that killed off the Darma population.

Off to go tear out my hair…



  1. It’s driving me nuts too. I couldn’t figure out tonight for instance if we had gone back in time and then forward past the “rescue” or what was happening. And I can’t even decide who’s side I’m on now!

  2. Oh I know it’s driving me insane! I just wind up more confused each time lol Ben keeps reasserting that they’re the good guys but that’s really all a matter of perspective right?

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