Posted by: brambledoula | February 23, 2008


So I finally broke down enough to see a doctor about my anxiety. We’re starting off with a more natural approach with a follow up next week to see if it’s working. Taking tryptophan and obscene amounts of fish oil. Not seeing a huge difference yet but I am sleeping better. (Tryptophan is the same ingredient in turkey and warm milk that makes you all logy after a meal.) Also on a high protein diet, similar to a pregnancy brewer’s diet, and I’m supposed to be getting 30 minutes of sunshine and exercise a day but the weather decided to crap out on my sunshine and free time has crapped out on my exercise (As in by the time I have some free time *I* have crapped out lol).  Anyhow tho I will update as to what’s working and what’s not.



  1. Inositol is awesome for anxiety. Start with 1300 mg. and work up or down from there. Pick it up at EarthFare, Vitamin Shoppe, etc.

    I’ve used it pregnant and nursing and my doc says it’s fine.

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