Posted by: brambledoula | February 17, 2008

What a waste of money

We went to check out the South East Wildlife Expo yesterday. Wow what a ripoff. First we pay $15 a person to get into Brittlebank Park. The only thing interesting is dogs ju,ping off a dock, which was too crowded to watch and nowhere to sit. Also just surrounded by people selling hunting gear. So $15 for a show I couldn’t see, a cranky mother in law who had no where to sit, and for people to sell me stuff. So we hop on the shuttle to Marion Square for the children’s events. We get there and there’s no ticket needed to get into the park, and all of the children’s events are for exorbitant additional fees. We’re talking $10 per kid for FACE PAINTING for crying out loud. Oh and don’t even bother trying to see Jack Hanna unless your children are very patient and you’re willing to get there two hours before the show.

I admit I was fantastically disappointed at the lack of actual wildlife at the WILDLIFE expo. There were some birds, a very small reptile tent, and a petting zoo with some of the saddest most over fed animals I’ve ever seen. Dogs don’t count as wild life per se, those are pets.  Lots of art, and some old duck decoys. Ooh.

I want my money back.

Oh and two words for next years planning committee: BREASTFEEDING TENT. I mean really wtf there aren’t even benches to sit on anywhere and the place is mobbed with dogs I am not sitting on the ground to nurse.




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  2. We went too, made it to Gaillard auditorium and Marion Square. The animals looked so sad! Most wouldn’t even eat the food!

    I agree. Way overpriced, all the fun kid stuff cost extra!

    They did have a bald eagle and mountain lions at the Busch wildlife show, but goodness, they were short on animals! It’s probably good for old people who want to look at all the art stuff.

  3. I imagine the poor things were stuffed. I went to buy a large cup of food and the kid selling it told me not even to bother. Poor things it was worse than the circus.

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