Posted by: brambledoula | February 11, 2008

Circling the drain…

I’m so tired of trying to do everything I can to be a “good mom” (whatever that is) and not feeling like it’s working for anything. I was so tempted yesterday just to go pick up some disposable dipes and a tub of formula let him cry it out and say hello to the mainstream world. Send my boys to public school and stick em in an afterschool program. Thousands of moms across the country do it and don’t feel an ounce of guilt, it must work or something? I feel like I was let in on some kind of secret when I discovered attachment parenting. I know logically that it is better and I’m doing the right things but I am so tired and worn out and down and I know it’s largely just me and not them. And I know changing things will likely make me more upset and tired and worn down. I have such high anxiety all the time, I don’t sleep and I’m feeling lost and sad.



  1. Lynn, hang in there. I’ll talk to you this afternoon.

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