Posted by: brambledoula | February 5, 2008


My oldest son has his first true loose tooth. I say true because he knocked out his first one by doing a faceplant into the floor at Sam’s club one day. I swear lately it seems like time just keeps moving faster and faster. Days seemed like they’d never end when he was a baby. I imagine a large part of that is due to the fact he never slept so my days were twice as long, but still, his infancy went on for a seemingly long time. Then came the second one, and things did seem a little faster but in many ways he’s still my baby. But now here is number three and suddenly things are just flying. My oldest is losing a tooth, middle man is about to turn four next month and baby man is 5 weeks old and can hold up his head and roll over. Amazing stuff. Part of me just wants to keep them babies and part of me just loves watching them grow up into the people they are and the people they’re going to be. It’s all just so much fun.


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