Posted by: brambledoula | February 3, 2008

Tell your stories

“If you know of a woman who has experienced birth trauma, surgical methods employed with or without her consent (episiotomies, etc.) , cesarean section with or without her consent, etc. have her drop me a note. The principal idea behind the book is to provide a safe place for women who have been damaged physically, emotionally, spiritually during the birth process and how they can reclaim (or hope to reclaim) their losses. Their stories need told. Mine needs told. Names will be changed as privacy is one and the same with safety when opening the wounds of loss.”


  1. I stumbled across this fooling around here on wordpress. I realize it is an older post but I am curious, are you still working on this?
    I am asking because I have experienced birth trauma and am still suffering PTSD nearly 18 months later…. So, I guess I am curious about this.

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