Posted by: brambledoula | February 3, 2008

In need of two homebirthing mothers

Hey Everyone!!
I need some help/leads. I am currently working on a research project
regarding homebirth in SC under the supervision of my department chair at
the College of Charleston. This research project is not quantitative, but
qualitative, meaning that it will focus more on interpretations, ideas,
intent, and understanding. This research project is NOT about the *safety*
of homebirth in SC at all. In fact, my research proposal request
specifically stated that I plan to steer clear of that topic. Instead my
focus is on identifying/understanding: (1) *why* SC a woman/couple would
choose homebirth over hospitals, birth centers, etc. and (2) the process
that a woman/couple goes through before deciding on a decision to homebirth.
To participate in the study you need to have intentionally given birth at
home in SC within the last 10 years, whether it was a UBAC, VBAC, or a
regular homebirth with a midwife is irrelevant. The study will not require
you to disclose and details about the birth itself, who attended, etc. The
focus of the study is not about the birth itself or the outcome, but on
*why* and the *process* in which you went through to decide to birth at home
  You would sign a consent form that would outline all the details and
participate in a 10 minute interview with me (which could be via telephone
and would be recorded). Right now I only need to interview 4 women, as this
is just a preliminary study.
The results and my final report from this preliminary study will be
disclosed to the Sociology Department at the College of Charleston (possibly
also the Women’s Studies dept.) and the IRB (Institutional Review Board)
with my request for grant money, college resources, etc., to research the
issue further. (I am in competition with other students to win this research
grant.) Because this is just a preliminary study and does not yet have IRB
approval, the results will not be published and are not considered
academic/scientific” research yet. I will only share the results with the
College of Charleston and the IRB with my final research proposal for the
grant money. If your interested at all in what I’m in for with this, as far
as trying to get this approved so I can get grant money, do a large
scientific study, have the results published, etc. you can check out
Where am I going with this?? Well… my ultimate goal, if I can secure
grants is to use it do much larger study about who is choosing homebirth in
SC and why, and who is/would consider homebirth and why/why not. This would
be a much bigger/broader study, and would be a sample of around 3,000 women
in SC chosen randomly. My professor has said the process is long and
aggravating and to be prepared to re-write my research proposal over and
over. Right now though, my initial concern is just getting the pilot study
off the ground so I can show the topic has potential and value, in order to
apply for the grant money. I would really like to do a retrospective policy
study of the effects of DHEC’s VBAC ban on SC birthing women. Policy studies
are generally done 5-7 years from implementation. However, my professor has
told me that she thinks it’s to early and highly unlikely that I would get
an “no-objection” letter from DHEC—which while it is not required, would
help with getting IRB approval and additional grant money.
Please let me know if you or anyone you know would be willing to participate
in a recorded 10 minute interview with me regarding their homebirth. I can
even provide the interview questions upfront if that would be helpful. Right
now my proposed interview questions are pending department approval so, I
can’t really provide them in this e-mail, but I expect approval within the
next week. E-mail me at if interested.


  1. What a great project!! I wish I could participate! I didn’t have my HBAC in SC, but I did write extensively on why I chose to HBAC here:

  2. Did you get enough people yet?

  3. I think she did, thanks!

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