Posted by: brambledoula | January 18, 2008

End of an era

Hubby’s scheduled the big V for next week. It’s good but a little sad. No more babies. But at the same time I’m happy our family is complete and we can just get started on the next phase of life. Plan big things like trips to Disneyland or just looking forward to all the stuff that’s hard to do with more little babies in the house.

It goes so fast however. Little man is mostly holding up his head. I imagine that’s a byproduct of not being kept in a plastic baby bucket all day. We’re getting about 6 pee’s a day in the potty (and somehow I’m still doing loads of laundry what gives?). He’s getting big all of a sudden too. Like that third week growth spurt kicked in over night. Suddenly the little preemie clothes don’t fit at all, the newborn ones are filled in, and I don’t feel like I’m going to lose him in his little potty anymore. The tiny diapers are getting snug. He spends so much more time alert and awake now as well. Amazing how quick they start to adjust to their world. (And how long it takes me to realize it!)


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