Posted by: brambledoula | January 15, 2008

Firsts and a second

Loads of firsts lately. Baby man rolled over yesterday morning from front to back, and again today. Seems like he’s getting more alert and interested in playing with his brothers every day. Another first today was ds2’s first swim lesson. I thought he did really well and he seemed to have a lot of fun.

Now for my second. See, when my first son was 2 months old I thought it’d be nice to take him in the bath with me, let him float in the deeper warm water, etc. Then he pooed explosively in the tub and I vowed never to take a newborn in the bath with me again. Well not that 2 week necessitates much of a pattern but this baby generally only poos once a day, sometimes every other day, so after the extreme dump (we’re talking clothes change worthy) he took this afternoon I thought we’d be safe for a bath.

Not so. Ew.


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