Posted by: brambledoula | January 10, 2008


I’ve got a plugged duct (with the resultant mastitis potentiality of red streaks) and some baby blues (I cried cuz my husband forgot to get me a cup of tea after I asked for one, wtf…). Why the double whammy? Not fair. At least he sleeps well.



  1. Oh, I am so sorry. Please reach out if you need some support. I know the downside of not asking for enough support during my postpartum depression battle. Lots of hugs – hoping for quick rememdies for both your breast and your brain! EE

  2. Hang in there, and if you feel like your baby blues is turning into postpartum depression please reach out to us!!

  3. Thank you. The breast issue seems to be resolving itself thanks to some homeopathics and a pump. I’m giving the weepies a couple more days and then calling my doc if they don’t go away.

  4. You might try some zinc for the baby blues. It always worked to even out my hormones, and it’s safe (and probably even good) for breastfeeding. You know to nurse with his chin pointing towards the plugged duct until it clears up, right?

  5. I did did know that, but i’d have to nurse him upside down to get it 🙂 I’ve been pumping a lot tho and that seems to be doing the trick. I hadn’t heard the zinc thing I will definitely try that I’ve got a zinc supplement on hand already. Thanks!

  6. Ouchie. Hope you feel better.

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