Posted by: brambledoula | January 4, 2008

The Story

There isn’t really a lot to tell! I will say first off, that this was my first baby that actually presented in an anterior position, like they’re supposed to. I will also say that having now had a posterior baby and an anterior baby that anterior isn’t necessarily the easier that everyone says it is, but it is definitely faster. I had a hard time for a long time visualizing how I wanted my delivery to go. I told everyone that if I had it my way I would just have a nice 4 hour long birth. 2 hours of easy stuff, maybe an hour and a half of the harder stuff, and a brief pushing time. I don’t know if it was coincidence or truly mind over matter but I got exactly what I ordered up.

  • December 29th 3AM I woke up around 3am to use the bathroom like usual. I noticed when I lay back down that I was having slight contractions. At this point I didn’t think much of them. They were regular, maybe 5 minutes apart and almost pleasant in sensation. I decided to stay in bed a while since I’d had contractions much like this on and off for about the past week. 4AMI woke up again to use the bathroom and notice that the contractions were coming closer together and that I felt more comfortable while sitting on the toilet. I stayed there for a while, trying to decide whether this was it or not. I didn’t have any of the usual signs I had with my first two so I went back to bed.
  • 4:40AM All of a sudden the pleasant contractions gave way to a very hard sharp contraction that really got my attention. I definitely couldn’t stay in bed any longer. I got up again and went to get a glass of water. The hard strong contractions continued to come and I decided it was time to wake up my husband. He went to fill the pool only to find the hose connections he was planning to use (on the washing machine) were rusted tight and all of his tools were 45 minutes away with his airplane. He ran to Walmart to get a pair of pliers and I got into the bathtub. I wasn’t able to get the bathwater high enough to be really useful and the floor of the tub was so hard that it was uncomfortable on my hips. It was better than nothing however and as a bonus my bathtub has a strong handicap bar in it that I was able to pull on during the contractions. When my husband got home he started working on getting the pool filled. I began to moan through the pains as they took more of my attention. I think this got his attention as well. My last two labors had at least 5 hours of the easy stuff and this was coming on fast. I got into the pool the second it began to fill so I could help gauge the water temp, and get the benefit as soon as possible. The water only got about a third of the way full when the hot ran out so I sat in there and figured we could add more later if needed. Shortly after this the contractions began to come in waves. I was thankful that I got a small 20 second or so break between them but each one came back with the strength of a run away train. I felt like I was pulled in every direction with each one. I’ve never experienced anything so intense. Hubby provided some counter pressure on my lower back which helped a little at first, and later became more of just something else to focus on. I tried to breathe through them when possible but things got faster and faster.
  • 6:25ish AM Suddenly I felt an urge to push. I had a moment of doubt because I’d had an early urge to push with my last labor that just turned out to be my water about to break. I pushed slightly and sure enough my water did break with that one. I had enough where withall to briefly ask my husband if the water was clear and get his confirmation before I was hit with a rush of hormones. I suddenly broke into sobbing tears that I couldn’t really explain. The urge to push didn’t go away. I tried to breathe through the next two pushes still doubting them, and then on the 3rd my body took over and the baby’s head slid instantly to crowning. Again I tried to breathe hoping not to tear. The burning was intense. I wasn’t able to hold off and his head was out on the next contraction. At this point I had a slightly longer break between contractions and yelled to my husband to support the head. I also remember saying to just pull him out already but I’m glad he didn’t hear that part! My husband was surprised because he hadn’t even realized the head was out until I’d said something. It all happened so quickly. On the very next contraction his body slid out and into my husbands hands. I was so shocked momentarily because I hadn’t expected it all so fast. I sat and he handed me the baby who immediately let out a wail and pinked up beautifully. I was thrilled because I know sometimes fast babies can be slow to start. I sat in the pool a moment close to one of the pool heaters to keep baby and myself warm and waited for the cord to stop pulsing. Once it did hubby cut and tied it and I handed him the baby to go show the boys.
  • 6:31AM I waited for the placenta which delivered easily. I examined it and put it in a bowl for the meanwhile. The boys came running in excited. My 3 year old said to me “Mom look the baby is here!” as if I had missed it!
  • Later: I think with the fast birth it took my son a few days to come into himself. The first two days he seemed a little confused and mad. He nursed a lot and stayed on me close. Then slowly he began the relax, sleep better, and interact with us. The boys have truly taken to their brother. They love to hold him, kiss him and read him stories.
  • Yesterday: We took him on his first outing to get the birth certificate. He slept through the whole thing. His cord stump fell off later that evening.
  • Today: Nicholas is truly settling into himself and in with us. He looked up at me this morning and clicked his tongue at me. He looked so surprised and pleased with himself that he’d made a noise. I clicked back at him and he looked even more delighted to have gotten my response. I am just so in love with this little bundle. My husband has really pulled through helping with the boys and I feel like we’re all much closer as a family, now that our family is complete.



  1. He is adorable!

  2. Congratulations! He’s a cutie! Glad to hear you had such a great birth! (I never thought of running out of hot water… hmm… is that why they tell husbands to go boil water? LOL

  3. Yay Lynn! I loved reading your birth story. Way to go! I hope that you are feeling well and loving your little guy. -Marie

  4. Congratulations sweetie. He is so beautiful (they all are)!

  5. Oh he’s adorable! Congratulations! My second and third both came fast like yours and it does feel like a train wreck, at first. I hope you are settling in happily together. Your older ones just look quite pleased with the little one. That is awesome!
    Love, Tracee

  6. GREAT story!! I love reading home birth stories. πŸ™‚

    Congratulations and cute cute photos!

  7. What a handsome group of boys you have there! And I guess that’s just about the perfect birth story, don’t you think? Congratulations!

  8. just beautiful! thanks for sharing the birth story!

  9. What a story thank you for sharing it. And all three of the boys are adorable. The older brothers look so proud. Congratulations!!

  10. Thanks all πŸ™‚
    actually theres a lot of great reasons to boil water- for the tub, sterilize instruments, heat pads for perineal support, make coffee or tea, givethe husband or someone else something to do if they’re in your way, etc πŸ™‚

  11. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing. πŸ™‚

  12. Proud of you!!!!! Wish I could have been there to give some support. Sounds like you and Erik did an excellent job, but no running to Walmart!
    love you

  13. You are one amazing chic, and that’s one beautiful baby!

  14. Congratulations on having your 2VBAC the way you and your baby intended and not the way the medical establishment would have it. You are a wonderful example and resource for local women! Thank you for sharing your story.

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