Posted by: brambledoula | December 19, 2007

Tick Tock

With my house on the market for a remaining week and a half or so we actually get a showing. Uh, it’s 6 days from Christmas and 5 days from my due date. How much effort to put into cleaning? Depends on how badly I want to move with a newborn I guess. On one hand, the house we want is still available and I really want to be in it. If the house is sparkling they may be more inclined to buy it. On the other hand if someone loves our house they’ll probably buy it no matter what it looks like. When we moved in the whole interior was painted barbie pink, smelled like a nursing home, had a fridge full of rotten Taco Bell, and the Dyson sucked God knows what out of the carpet. If we could see past that I wonder if they can’t see past our lived in clutter. DH says to make it like I had friends coming over. My friends and I have a “no cleaning rule” which basically means I can scoop the laundry off the couch so people have somewhere to sit and call it done. Would be nice if it were that easy!


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