Posted by: brambledoula | December 16, 2007

I like messing with people :)

It’s fun really. I went to a holiday party for my husbands airplane club yesterday and of course endured a lot of “don’t scare the missus there might be a baby on the ground!” type comments. Well as some point a lady sat down and said “So, will you be in the hospital for Christmas?” to which I responded “God no! Why would I do a thing like that!” and watched her get a little flustered. And then went on to say we were having a homebirth as her eyes got really huge. At some point in the conversation she came around to think it was all pretty cool and even said she should send her pregnant niece to come talk to me which I thought was nice.

Then she asked my son how he likes school. And the circle begins again….

Hehehehehehehehe 🙂


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