Posted by: brambledoula | December 10, 2007

New questions

Got a couple interesting searches today I’d like to help out with. The first being the anatomy of a lactating breast.

this site has great information on the subject in addition to a little video of the anatomy in action!

Here is the short of it tho-

Question two was why don’t pregnant women ovulate? The short answer is the once you become pregnant the hormonal changes that cause ovulation cease.

basically during your regular menstrual cycle, this is what your hormones do. After conception however, HCG and Progesterone increase instead of dropping, preventing further ovulation.


There was recently a case of a women with two uteruses (uteri?) conceiving a baby in each, I’m not sure of details of the case or if the babies were of different dates. As far as I know there are no recorded cases of superfetation in humans (Another baby being conceived while already pregnant) but I could be wrong.


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