Posted by: brambledoula | December 10, 2007

James Island County Park Holiday Light Festival

My boys LOVE holiday light displays so we took them tonight to see the three mile long light show, talk with Santa, and ride the carousel. We ate way too much sugar and had a lovely time 🙂

Note the sugar glazed coma my three year old is in. Who needs Santa when you’ve just eaten a lollipop bigger than your head?



  1. I love this trip! We’re planning on taking the boys soon. I’m glad you had fun!

  2. The weather was PERFECT, it was between 65-75 degrees all night and I don’t think we could’ve had a better time. Last time we tried to go it was 40 degrees and freezing rain lol
    Have fun I know they’ll enjoy it!

  3. My mother took my daughter there just tonight, and one of the things she came home talking about was the sand art. I’ve been there in previous years and seen those, but now I know what she meant about, “but how did they make the eyes on the people?!” heheh

  4. We went last year and walked through the “forest”. It was a blast! Did you take the train this time?

  5. Nope, they opted for candy and the carousel instead lol I think next year we’ll bring a bag of marshmallows! they put lights up EVERYWHERE tho, even behind all the gift shops there’s like a lit frog jumping and stuff like that, it’s all really neat. (I bet it stunk to be the person stringing lights in the woods this year tho, it’s still more than warm enough for spiders!)

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