Posted by: brambledoula | December 8, 2007

24 weeker saved by a cuddle

Mama held her 20oz baby skin to skin after doctors gave up. Amazing story with a happy ending 🙂 (I like happy endings!)



  1. wow!! totally amazing and proof of what a mothers love can do for her child/ren!

  2. Oh man, I’m totally in tears.

  3. It ends sweetly tho huh? It really is amazing the healing power of touch to an infant (and really all people!)

  4. And did you see this?
    (I almost never read local news and happened to pick up a paper that day…)
    I’m convinced this child is alive because no one was there to mess up its birth or prematurely amputate the cord & placenta.
    Life is beautiful, precious, and amazing!

  5. whoops, here is the link

  6. I hadn’t seen that one yet but I totally agree. Babies get so much of their blood volume from the placenta, I imagine in the preemies like that to loose any more than necessary from early cord cutting could easily be deadly.
    I did see a story once about a baby who didn’t breathe on it’s own for nearly an hour after delivery, BUT it was a home birth, cord and placenta all still attached to mama and baby the entire time. Baby was alert and aware and moving well and cord was still pulsing. As soon as the placenta detached, baby let out a wail and was fine! Can you imagine the hullaballoo that would’ve surrounded this little one with early cord cutting in a hospital? I imagine some babies just take a little longer than others to come into themselves earth side.
    Amazing stories all around either way!

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