Posted by: brambledoula | December 7, 2007


Finally an FO, I made a whole diaper cover today, with fold over elastic and PUL and velcro and everything. Who wants to place bets on whether or not it’ll hold in a projectile force liquid breast milk poo? I got the materials from and it was actually pretty easy after I practiced a bit with the scrap materials they sent along. and at roughly $3-5 a dipe I have to say I made out pretty well. (pics to come when I finish the other two diapers)



  1. very first cloth dipe arrived in the mail today! i’m skeered

  2. Once you get them figured out and a brand or style you like you will fall in love with them I swear!

  3. yes i am about there!!! i am a true cd addict now!! over the edge never to look back

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