Posted by: brambledoula | December 4, 2007

Learn from the pros

I often strive to be a combination of Claire Huxtable of the Cosbys, Lois of Malcolm in the Middle, Maria Montessori, Maria of The Sound of Music, and often wind up a little on the Roseanne side. Well today was a Lois day and I admit to have taken an idea from her book to revamp time out. See, sending them to their room doesn’t work- there are too many toys in there. I really don’t like to spank because it’s fairly ineffective and doesn’t really go along with a natural parenting vibe. The count to three thing only works if occasionally they let you get to three and they discover there truly is a punishment at the end. And here it is. Let it load and scroll in to about time marker 4:29.

Harsh, maybe, maybe not. Less harsh than some other options however. Unlike Lois I don’t leave them there for an hour, more like 2 minutes, but it’s still effective.



  1. Just a side note on this episode, I just noticed that in the opening few seconds Dewey is sitting there chanting, “I hate my brothers, I only like me!” heeheehee I am too amused.

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