Posted by: brambledoula | November 26, 2007

Not a great day for toddler hood.

It starts with ds2 crying cuz his belly hurts. Then he comes up and tells me he has “poop juice” in his butt. Me-What???  He goes on to tell me he’s going to put poop juice on his brother. WTF??? I yell no, poop goes in the potty and rush him to the bathroom. I now find out the reason his belly hurts is he just snuck a half a pound of cheese out of the fridge and ate it. That’d make my belly hurt too, that’s a lot of freaking cheese! (note to self, invest in fridge locks) Then I find him brushing the cat with my hair brush. And then cutting up a teddy bear with the scissors (which led to the previous post). Then a moment of peace while he works on his cutting book, which was broken by him again threatening to now FEED his brother poop juice. He then comes and tells me his butt smells like flowers and that my butt is stinky.

Where do they get this from? I am truly at a loss.  I looked over what they’ve watched on tv this morning- Sesame Street, Mr Rogers, and Bindi the Jungle Girl. I find myself hard pressed to believe that any of those would discuss “poop juice” or butts smelling like flowers. Is this just the nature of boys? Someone out there with a daughter please tell me girls do nasty things like talk about poop juice too. (I cringe to think what kind of hits my site is about to get with the words poop, juice, and butt all in one sentence but I have to vent…)



  1. Sorry, I have no experience with girls, but oh my, I laughed until my tummy hurt! This is definitely a “boy” experience, and it sure brought back memories, and reminds me of what I also have to look forward to. Too funny!
    On a serious note, I hope your ds feels better soon, that sure is a lot of cheese.

  2. Thank you, he’s a little bound up but seems to be feeling better. He’s still talking about poop juice tho, I’m thinking he must just like the phrase lol

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