Posted by: brambledoula | November 26, 2007

Nice resources for cutters

No, no emo toddlers here, however lately ds2 has wanted to chop up everything he can get a pair of scissors to. Before he can get a pair around some electrical wires I decided to take action and find something he CAN cut, instead of just screaming and hiding scissors all day.

Kumon’s “My First Book of Cutting” has become our new favorite book. It’s got slightly more advanced projects to the back for older kids, and really simple beginning patterns for the younger kids, and is really suiting my 3 year old’s need to hack stuff up. In fact we love this company’s whole line of work books, the math, mazes, and spelling ones have been great for my older son as well.
And barring that, I was also able to find some templates to print on Enchanted Learning.




  1. We love that book too.

    You can always just draw lines on paper and have them cut them, or give them a piece of loose leaf and make them cut the blue lines!

    Playdoh cutting is fun too.

  2. Ooh I bet he’d love the playdoh, thanks for the tip.

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