Posted by: brambledoula | November 25, 2007

Tandem Nursing?

Something I hadn’t really thought much about but ds2 has been asking quite regularly now when the milk will be back! He weaned about a year ago this month, mostly because I was working full time and the supply just went away.  I told him today that it would be back soon but that milk is for babies and he said to me “But I still loved the milk when I was a big boy!!”

This statement was quite eye opening to me. On one hand I really don’t relish the thought of nursing a nearly 4 year old. I know many women do it into even later years of age than that and I fully support and applaud them doing so, however I have a hard time with it, that also comes along with a strong lack of family support. I do recall ds1 asked to nurse once after his brother got here, he latched on once half heartedly and decided he was done. However he had also weaned at a much younger age than his brother did and perhaps didn’t recall it as vividly or fondly. So I have to wonder on the other hand, do I just let ds2 nurse if he wants to? I kind of feel some guilt that he obviously had something there that he loved so much, that may have continued if I hadn’t been working 90+ hours per week, and has been waiting patiently for nearly a year for the milk to come back.

Lots to consider. For now I’m taking a wait and see approach, he may do the same as big brother and decide he doesn’t want to continue. Or he may hop back in full blast. I guess we’ll figure it out from there.  It may be a nice way for him to bond with his baby brother and not feel lost as a middle child.


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