Posted by: brambledoula | November 24, 2007

My thought on hospital VBAC bans

I’ve been seeing some stuff on some TX hospitals banning VBAC due to not having ACOG standard of having an anesthesiologist on hand 24/7 should mom rupture and need emergency surgery.  Now this really isn’t a phenomena confined just to TX and has been happening in hospitals all over the country. Here’s what concerns me: What if you’re just a regular mom, maybe a primip or just any mother who’s never had a section. What if you do have an emergency, and you’re birthing at a hospital that isn’t prepared to do emergency sections? Isn’t this a problem for all mothers, not just VBAC moms, and if you are choosing a hospital thinking you’ll have this back up protection should you need it, and it’s not there, why are these hospitals taking ANY laboring women? It just seems fishy to me.



  1. This isn’t about safety as much as it is about money. Have you ever read the articles on safety in vbac. My wife had a c-section and three vbacs. The problem is that birth is controlled by male ob/gyns here in the US. The nurses and the midwives and douals all know that this is about control. I recently read an article about building home birth into the infrastructure of our health care system (Drs. Judith Fullerton and Anna Navarro). Do you think the doctor’s are going to let go of birth easily. Not a chance. VBAC is just another way for them to stop women from leaving their practices. Many c-sectioned women have turned to alternative birthing arrangements and left their lovely doctors and their tents of slice and dice.

    This is a place where women need to get political and demand soem health care reform, and that reform can carry if men are educated about these issues.

    I think the way to overcome this is to get out of the grips of the doctors and take social stands against the imposition of vbac bans — the way is to birth outside of the standard hospital care. Besides all the studies show the vbacs do not rupture c-sectioned uteruses. That is just bunk.

    Hope you women can make this change occur in my life time — this vbac ban actually may help to push women out of those doctor’s dirty little hands and into the caring hands of midwives.

    • Yep. In fact a friend of mine and I figures out doctors stand to lose something like a billion dollars a year just from the 1% of women who homebirth. I totally hear you and agree

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