Posted by: brambledoula | November 23, 2007


I ordered a new cage for my iguana a week ago and was told it would be in this weekend. So I called today to see if I could pick it up.

rinnggg rinnggg

Them:Hello “x” pet store

Me: Hi I ordered a cage from you guys last week and wanted to see if it was in

Them: Ok which type of cage?

Me: explains the cage

Them: Oh, they actually ordered the small cage instead, do you want it?

Me: Um…no I need the big cage

Them: Oh well we don’t have it cuz they ordered the small cage.

Me: Well then can you order the big cage now?

Them: Oh…I guess so?

Me: Thank you, when will it be in?

Them: I don’t know we’ll just order it and see.

Grrrrrrrrrrr. 1. they were supposed to call me when the cage came in and 2. if it wasn’t the right cage shouldn’t they have called me to tell me it’d be a little longer and 3. if it wasn’t the cage shouldn’t they have just up and ordered the right one? ::sigh::

I am very frustrated since the door to my iguana cage is currently being propped shut with a chair. Obviously it can’t stay like that forever since we’d like to sit in the chair. ::sigh::

I know it’s black friday and all, but really, do people have to be that dumb?


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