Posted by: brambledoula | November 21, 2007

Where I am…

Well oddly I’ve hit a kind of second wind in my energy levels. Despite a toddler who suddenly likes to be up at 2-3am, I feel pretty all right. My nesting level has changed however. It’s gone from non stop organizing and near frenzied knitting to mostly wanting to hole up in my bathtub. I’ve also found my level of irritability has gone up. I’m really, really trying to try and remember to count to ten and take a few deep breaths before freaking out.  It’s just once your children hit a certain age they suddenly decide they want to talk..and talk…and talk, and never stop talking. And sometimes when you’re on a car ride that takes more than 10 minutes to get to your location and the radio is playing good tunes and all you want to do is hum along, run over your grocery list in your head, and drive, constant nattering from the back of the car brutally disrupts that level of peace almost as abruptly as your alarm clock going off seemingly after your head just hits that sweet sweet pillow.  So I go back and forth between wanting to just cry because I need to turn in and have that kind of quiet head space time, and wanting to just snap and yell at people and really neither is a great option. I feel bad for my husband as well, he just wants me to come to bed at the same time as him and frankly I’m just not comfortable lying down anymore and don’t want to be in bed longer than I have to be. I’m touched out, I need some me time, and I can’t get it watching TV in bed.

I do have some knitting projects I need to finish before baby gets here, some split pants for ec’ing, some soakers for night time, that sort of thing. Otherwise I’m pretty happy with myself as far as baby clothes go. Maybe some more long sleeved t shirts. I’ve got lots of onsies but once we do kick the EC into gear I’m worried onsies will be in the way a bit too much. Besides I’m a little worried about the idea of snaps that close to a nekkid weewee.

I’m a little concerned about my Thanksgiving dinner; I picked up my roast today and the cut looks like the “Don’t” picture in the Fine Cooking magazine I picked up 😦 Hoping it won’t dry out too much. I do have a good sauce recipe to go on it along with stuffing so maybe it will all even out. This will be my first time hosting guests since my oldest was about 5 months old, and in that case I had just had major abdominal surgery for the second time in less than six months and I ordered some Hickory Farms.

Otherwise here I am, just gestating. Mostly in peace. I like not having to really worry about going late. In fact I’ve been encouraged to go late since hubby doesn’t have any vacation time till after Christmas.  Baby is growing, moving often, and getting stronger. Quite nice 🙂



  1. Lovely site! keep up the great work, regards bree 🙂

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