Posted by: brambledoula | November 17, 2007

Link Love

I don’t really have a disaster story I can think of per se, other than the fact that I have no gift for making rice and I burn it on a frequent basis, but we LOVE Outback because they have a gluten free menu and I do have a “funny” I like to share (much to my mother’s chagrin) for the holidays.  See the year I moved out I was still local so we came for Christmas dinner.  I offered to bring a dessert. I had seen an adorable recipe for a snowman cake, and had the appropriate dishes to make it. I guess it was a semi disaster since I forgot to grease one of the dishes and my snowman kind of looked like he had a lobotomy, and I didn’t make enough frosting to completely cover it, (or wait for the cake to cool so the frosting was all drippy) but I digress.  It was a chocolate mint cake, with white frosting, and still tasted good despite it’s half assed appearance.  As we’re sitting there eating it my mom (who has a degree and does biology research at a university and for the most part is not a stupid woman) says, “Wow, it’s minty, how did you get the mint flavor in a chocolate cake?” to which I reply, “Um…I..used…uh…mint??” Duh mom 🙂

Happy Holidays



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