Posted by: brambledoula | November 16, 2007

It’s official.

I no longer fit into a normal sized restaurant booth, which is an unfortunate thing to discover after you’ve managed to wedge yourself into one but then cannot get back out! What do really obese people do? I know I’m no petite flower but I know there are people out there who are far larger than I am, and I imagine they like their IHOP (location of todays unfortunately sized booth) as much as the next person, so where do they sit? It can’t be worth wedging yourself in there for the sake of a slice of stuffed french toast and some hashbrowns.

Guess I should be eating healthier anyhow…



  1. being fluffy when NOT preggy,i always check to see if the booth moves before sitting in one! lol i HATE the ones that are bolted to the floor! they think i’m gonna steal the thing?

  2. I remember having lunch with an also pregnant friend when I was about 6 months pregnant with my first. We slid into the booth at the same time and the table popped up in the air!! LOL I agree tho, why bolt it? what a pain, literally!

  3. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!

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