Posted by: brambledoula | November 15, 2007

Are we grown ups?

I’ve read several pregnancy blogs lately of ladies getting induced in the very near future, for various reasons but all mostly circling around the “doctor wants the holiday off”.  What makes me sad isn’t so much that people are choosing this option but because every last one of the blogs I’ve read has this sentence within the first two or three lines- “Well we scheduled our induction for ‘x’ date, I don’t really want to but…”

Wait. You don’t want to? So then why did you do it? Let me guess, big baby, post dates, or “don’t you want your baby in time for the holidays”? These aren’t medical reasons to put yourself or your child at risk. You are a grown up. If you don’t want to- DON’T!! Simple as that. I’m so tired of hearing “I don’t want to but”. Sorry if this sounds rude or pissy of me but seriously, you’re about to be a mother. It’s time to put on your big girl panties and make important decisions for yourself and your child. Really.



  1. I keep hearing it too but from the “I think we can talk him/her into going ahead and inducing me” so we can have the baby at a convenient time. Why is it so hard to believe that sometimes your body really does know the best time to give birth.

    I’ve also had to bite my tongue recently listening to a story of an elective induction that led to the baby having to spend a couple weeks in the hospital because the lungs weren’t quite ready. What a price for the little one to pay for convenience.

  2. I’ve heard that angle too altho not recently. I’ve sometimes heard it from military wives who want to have their baby before their husband leaves, which I can somewhat understand, since I had my own son just two short weeks after hubby returned from a deployment. But at the same time should a complication occur from the induction, do you want to be alone with a special needs baby, possible recovering from a difficult delivery? It’s such a hard call to make.
    I’ve heard the premature/too small baby after being induced for “big baby” far to often. It’s almost par for the course.

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